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Connecting the nanotech community for a global impact

What we do

NanoCanada brings together industry, government and academia to examine the barriers in bringing emerging technologies to the marketplace. NanoCanada was born out of a desire to have a clear nanotechnology strategy and ensure that the Canadian community could effectively translate science at the nanoscale to applications in the many sectors that nanomaterials and devices can transform.

NanoCanada has set a number of goals to respond to the needs of its stakeholder community:

  1. Link the Canadian nanotechnology community nationally and internationally;
  2. Increase awareness and access to existing facilities and expertise;
  3. Track Canada’s investments and outcomes in nanotechnologies; and
  4. Connect potential partners wishing to address technical gaps through investment or funding opportunities.

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Marie D'Iorio

Marie D'Iorio


Janice Warkentin

External Relations Manager

Patricia Tokunaga

Partnership Manager

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