A New Generation of Varnishes Underfoot

The flooring market is highly competitive, which makes resorting to innovation necessary in order to stand out and meet clients’ expectations with regards to performance, aesthetics and profitability.

When Parquets Alexandra developed its new line of hardwood floors, it sought the best available processes, in an effort to offer consumers a superior product. This quest led to the discovery of the anti-abrasive properties of a varnish perfected thanks to nanotechnologies.

The “nanovarnish” provides a coating that protects the flooring from abrasion and ultimately reduces signs of floor wear. This is just one more argument for convincing consumers to opt for this new type of flooring.

Given the competitive edge provided by this “nanovarnish”, Parquets Alexandra has chosen to apply it to its entire line of prefinished hardwood floors, unlike its competitors, which offer it only on the purchase of selected grades.