Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

NanoCanada’s mission is to connect Canada’s nano, advanced materials, and deep tech community from academia, industry and government. We facilitate access to resources and expertise, enhance insight into global market opportunities, connect stakeholders to bridge the innovation gap, and support guidelines for sustainable practices for the use of these materials and technologies. To fulfill our mission, we are committed to inclusion as a core value and in the practice of our business.

We believe that building and sustaining diversity goes hand in hand with a continuous and conscious commitment to inclusion reflected in our core values, work practices, and interactions with our community. We understand that diversity spans a wide range of identity, expression, and experiences including ability, age, economic circumstance, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, and religion.

We believe in diversity as a strategy to improve our effectiveness. Diversity will continue to be built into our management and governance hiring practices, programming design, policies and procedures, and employment practices. We will hold ourselves accountable to maintain a diverse and inclusive Board, ensure representation from designated groups and geographical representation in events, like national and international conferences and trade missions, ensure diversity and inclusion in choice of service providers, design membership of working committees to highlight diversity and inclusion, and to review our EDI objectives as part of the annual report to stakeholders.

Innovation at the Edges

Deep tech is often cultivated by scientific innovation and meaningful engineering innovation. Examples include cleantech, agtech, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and biotechnology. Deep technologies are novel and lend themselves to cross disciplinary and cross sectoral approaches that are needed for today’s climate change and regenerative sustainability issues.

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