CASHINAM Committee Member

François Grenier

Committee Member

Francois Grenier is one of the Founders and the Chief Operating Officer at Brilliant Matters. The founding members of Brilliant Matters are pioneers of a novel chemical process used in the manufacture of organic semiconductors. They offer their expertise in chemistry and material science to help manufacture printable organic electronic devices using environmentally friendly approaches. The company also provides innovative and proprietary materials for organic solar cells, thin-film transistors, electrochromic devices, and more. Francois Grenier obtained his B.Sc. and graduate degrees from Laval University.

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Innovation at the Edges

Deep tech is often cultivated by scientific innovation and meaningful engineering innovation. Examples include cleantech, agtech, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and biotechnology. Deep technologies are novel and lend themselves to cross disciplinary and cross sectoral approaches that are needed for today’s climate change and regenerative sustainability issues.

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