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Janice Warkentin

Executive Director

Janice Warkentin is the Executive Director of NanoCanada and also serves as Corporate Board Secretary. Since helping launch the organization in 2015, she has built and developed a global network of industry, government, and academic connections that are advancing Canadian innovation. She also serves on several committees, and is Secretary of the International Standards Organization Terminology and Nomenclature joint working group.

Janice started her career working for non-profit organizations. Later, she moved to the federal government and spent 13 years supporting the Canadian House of Commons and the National Research Council. Her background includes communications, stakeholder engagement and consultation, public relations, and business development. She holds an advanced citation in global leadership from the University of Alberta.

Connection is at the core of Janice’s approach. At NanoCanada, she supports members here at home and while travelling in Asia, Europe, and North America to lead delegations that showcase Canadian excellence in emerging technologies. Seeing the transformative effects of the relationships she helps build, and the technological breakthroughs that result, fuels her passion for this work.

Outside of work, Janice is an avid traveller, budding gardener, and serves as corporate secretary and chair of community and school councils.

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Innovation at the Edges

Deep tech is often cultivated by scientific innovation and meaningful engineering innovation. Examples include cleantech, agtech, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and biotechnology. Deep technologies are novel and lend themselves to cross disciplinary and cross sectoral approaches that are needed for today’s climate change and regenerative sustainability issues.

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