Nanotechnology regulation in Canada, the United States,
and the European Union

MAY 5th

This NanoCanada Health and Safety webinar will provide an overview of how nanomaterials are currently regulated in Canada, the United States, and the European Union. It will focus on chemical registration, nanomaterial registries, and consumer product use.


Join to hear regulatory updates, and to have an opportunity to interact with a panel of regulators and experts.


1:30–1:35pm EDTIntroduction to the webinar series
Marie D’Iorio, President, NanoCanada
1:30–1:50pm EDTUpdate on Nanomaterial Regulatory Development Under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)
Djordje Vladisavljevic, Health Canada

1:50–2:10pm EDTNanoscale Materials Under TSCA
Alexandria Stanton, US EPA
2:10–2:30pm EDTNanotechnology regulatory updates in the European Union
Kimberly Ong, Vireo
2:30–2:55pm EDTPanel/questions for speakers
All Speakers
2:55–3:00pm EDTClosing remarks
Marie D’Iorio, President, NanoCanada



Djordje Vladisavljevic
Head of Nanotechnology Section
at Health Canada (HC/SC)

Update on Nanomaterial Regulatory Development Under CEPA


Djordje has been with the New Substances Assessment and Control Bureau since 2017 conducting pre-market human health risk assessment and management of manufactured nanomaterials. With the Nanotechnology Section, Djordje has worked to develop and shepherd new policies shaping Health Canada’s response to new and existing nanomaterials under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Prior to entering the world of risk assessment, Djordje worked with the National Biomonitoring Section and the Canadian Health Measures Survey, coordinating measurement and analysis of body burdens of environmental pollutants in Canadians. Djordje began his career with the Government of Canada in 2009 as a research biologist in the Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory at Health Canada looking at systemic health impacts of inhaled particulate, including ultrafine fraction nanoparticles.

Alexandria Stanton

Alexandria Stanton
Chemist at the US Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA)

Nanoscale Materials
Under TSCA


Dr. Alexandria Stanton is a program manager for the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Section 5 new chemical notice review and risk management process. She has served with the Environmental Protection Agency for four years and specializes in “interesting” chemical classes, such as nanomaterials, mixed metal oxides, and photopolymer additives. With an eye towards understanding the potential risks of nanomaterials to human health and the environment, Dr. Stanton develops international standards and test guidelines as a representative to the International Standards Organization Technical Committee 229 and as the US Head of Delegation to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Party for Manufactured Nanomaterials, and communicates daily with stakeholders on issues of working protection and comprehension of chemical hazard and risk.

Kim Ong headshot 2014

Kimberly Ong
Vireo Advisors, LLC

Nanotechnology regulatory
updates in the European Union


Dr. Kimberly Ong is an expert in nanomaterial research and toxicology, particularly in protocol development, standard testing, and alternative test development. Kim has experience assessing and modifying protocols specific for nanomaterials’ testing to improve reliability for risk and exposure assessment. She supports safe and sustainable development of new technologies and products, and helps companies meet stakeholder safety requirements, including regulatory review. She works with companies and organizations to characterize any potential human health or environmental hazards of new and emerging materials to inform decision making. Kim is versed in current and proposed risk assessment frameworks for nanomaterials and has a detailed working knowledge of international regulatory requirements for new and emerging substances, including nanomaterials. Kim is a committee member of NanoCanada’s Canadian Safety and Health Initiative for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (CASHINAM).