In 2013, when we started commercializing this technology, we found that one of our largest initial barriers to success was simply market reach. As a small, unknown Alberta company developing an innovative technology for a global market, we struggled, not only to get our company and product line in front of the correct customers, but also to build confidence in our technology platform. Working with a national organization, like NanoCanada was absolutely instrumental in setting up, training and maintaining a great distributor network in key markets like Japan and South Korea. Through the years of support and representation with NanoCanada, we have been able to grow our Asian business by over 40% year over year. In 2017, we did over $2 million dollar of business in Japan alone. Thanks to the generous support of NanoCanada, in 2018 we are now the leading provider of benchtop NMR spectrometers within the Asian market.

Sean Krakiwsky
Nanalysis President and CEO

I would like to give a big thank you for the NanoCanada team. Your devotion to making small SME’s go international is deeply appreciated. Without your involvement, we would never be as successful in these markets as we are now. We already have sales negotiation on-going and several NDAs put in place to start collaborative research projects aiming to develop new products.

Jean‐Rémi Poulliot
CEO – Brilliant Matters


The trip to LG campus was absolutely amazing! The fact that we all had the opportunity to give presentations to the VP and senior level directors opened a window for later follow‐ups and initiatives.

Babak Shokouhi
CEO – Nanodevice Solutions

I consider our participation in this mission extremely useful for our company. Most importantly we met our objectives set for participation in this mission. Also, I believe our participation allowed us to increase our visibility internationally. Last but not the least, we forged new network with our Canadian colleagues. I believe such missions are very useful for establishing international networks. In our case we are always looking for reliable partners that could help in exporting our products.

Andranik Sarkissian
CEO – Plasmionique


Thank you, Janice and Kee‐Young for hosting and leading the Korea mission! I have brought a wealth of knowledge back to my team, I truly appreciate the hard work and support you provided for this trip. I look forward to following up with the contacts that I made on the trip, and sharing ideas and links with my team. Our company has a long road ahead but I look forward to the next trade mission, it was a very valuable experience and I canʹt wait to return to Korea.

Jason Hendrick
Vice President of Technology and Innovation
Summit Nanotech Corp.

As always, having a Canadian Pavilion with all delegates from the various provinces not only allowed for a positive synergy but also allowed our booth to be more appealing to those at the trade show. Visits to the Embassy and personal discussions with the Trade Commissioners were also quite invaluable. Personal visits and guided tours to the Japanese business sites are also appreciated and allow us to make connections that may have otherwise proven extremely difficult or impossible. During my time there, I made at least 40 new leads. 12 of these leads are very promising that I expect will lead to increased business and sales for the company. Such contacts will also allow us to visit Japan at a later point within the year, for the first time! Thank you for a wonderfully planned event, filled with learning, mentorship, great business connections, and fun!

Jefford Humes
Director of Research & Business Development

My final example of de-risking involves supporting commercialization initiatives by funding organizations such as NanoCanada. CelluForce has a product that is both a biomaterial and a nanomaterial, and NanoCanada has been instrumental in supporting CelluForce in our international commercialization efforts by offering shared booth space in international nanotechnology conferences and exhibitions. Not only are the logistics taken care of by NanoCanada, but they also closed the loop with Canadian embassies and trade commissioners. Continued funding to NanoCanada will greatly help CelluForce, and I would also recommend a similar approach for bioeconomy companies.

 Antoine Charbonneau
VP Business Development
House of Commons Parliamentary Committee

It was an exciting first business trip to East Asia. Being surrounded by investment officers, trade commissioners, and others who have done this before was very helpful. Beyond that, this trip had a great group of people which made for a very enjoyable two weeks. The investment officers and trade commissioners helped us in our meetings, follow ups, and general advice on being in Korea and Japan. But it wasn’t just them. We learned a lot from the other delegates and connecting with them provided us a lot of value. We made good connections with some Japanese, Korea, and Taiwanese distributors, and some potential research partners from Spain and the Netherlands. Even if nothing comes of these connections, the trip got us thinking on a much bigger scale and helped us realize that it is certainly possible to do business outside of the small Canadian market.

Tyler Whitney
Co-Founder & CFO
Spectra Plasmonics

NanoCanada provided me with a great opportunity to meet with Canadian and international companies working in nanotechnology. A number of organizations expressed interest in our research activities, and expressed interest to engage in international collaboration in nanotechnology research with Canadian universities and government laboratories, including NRC-NANO.

Abebaw Jemere
Team Lead
NRC (Nanotechnology Research Centre)

We were pleased by the level of organization and coherence of the mission and the operation and synchronization between all parties involved in the show booth, which was great. This atmosphere has provided Nemsor with a great opportunity to make good business contacts toward potential partnerships. The utilization of NanoCanada to lead this mission was a very good choice and brings a unique pan-Canadian perspective of government labs, academia and industry through long standing networks of expertise building on collaborative and shared drive to succeed.

Walied Moussa
CEO, NEMSOR Technology, Inc.

The experience was great. As always, the admin support/coordination was awesome and allowed us to get great exposure through the Canadian pavilion. Nothing of that would have been possible without the collaboration of NanoCanada. Lots of international networking with potential academic partners as well as new connections made within the Canadian participants.

Robert Gauvin
(Centre Québécois sur les Matériaux Fonctionnels)

NanoCanada is the best partner any company can ask for! We have always enjoyed our outbound missions with NanoCanada, and our sales efforts have paid off much better when we have been part of their official program. From planning to execution, every step of the way, we notice the extra value and direct benefit we receive from being included in the mission. This year, we had the extra privilege of attending the add-on mission to South Korea as well. This second stop was very successful, with a direct sale ensuing only one week after a meeting that was arranged through the mission, with the help of AB-Korea office, Thank you!

Hooman Hosseinkhannazer,
Vice President Business Development

This is my second mission with NanoCanada and I must say that I am very satisfied. The mission organization by NanoCanada is impeccable. The quality of the participants made the discussions very interesting and there are projects opportunities for PRIMA.

Marie-Pierre Ippersiel,
President and CEO

NanoCanada was very well organized and extremely helpful. The support and the exposure for PyroGenesis was great and I wouldn’t change anything for next year!

Massimo Dattilo
Vice President
PyroGenesis Canada Inc.