NanoCanada Celebrates International Women’s Day

Friday, March 6, 2020 – Posted in 

NanoCanada is led by three dynamic women. Ten years ago, in our separate life journeys, we couldn’t imagine running a non-profit that would help Canadian enterprises be so successful in global markets! Our paths crossed, and we discovered complementary skillsets, trust in each other, and a passion for serving our community. Now our dream is expanding and we look forward to supporting our members in even larger and more impactful ways! We proudly celebrate women’s achievements!

“The creative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approaches of women in science are desperately needed to solve our planet’s critical challenges.”
– Dr. Marie D’Iorio

NanoCanada Executive Team, 2021

Innovation at the Edges

Deep tech is often cultivated by scientific innovation and meaningful engineering innovation. Examples include cleantech, agtech, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and biotechnology. Deep technologies are novel and lend themselves to cross disciplinary and cross sectoral approaches that are needed for today’s climate change and regenerative sustainability issues.

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