Putting and End to Fogging

The Gaétan Laroche science team at Laval University focused on a universal problem commonly encountered in our day-to-day lives: fogging of glass surfaces. Thanks to its research work, the team developed an anti-fog coating, which unlike current solutions is permanent. This achievement required the researchers to work on a nanometric scale, so as not to interfere with the optical properties of glass.

While the technology used is rooted in the infinitely small, interest in the coating has been sizeable! Following publication of the results, a number of firms have shown interest in adapting the anti-fog coating to their market, among them, an eyewear manufacturer. The eyewear market alone offers tremendous potential given that one billion pairs of eyeglasses were sold worldwide in 2010 alone and that 4 billion persons need vision correction. There is little doubt that the result of work carried out by Gaétan Laroche and his collaborators has a highly promising future, given the many fields of application for a permanent anti-fog coating.

This permanent anti-fog coating will help improve the performance of products and equipment. Covered by two patents, this innovation arising from nanotechnology has potential applications in a number of markets.