Based in Edmonton Alberta, SinoVeda was founded in 2006 by two renowned pharmaceutical scientists Dr. Yun K Tam and his wife Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman. The name SinoVeda comes from the two ethnic heritage (Chinese and Bangladesh) they come from. With their combined 60 years of pharmaceutical experience they have started SinoVeda as an R&D focused health-science company that develops pharmaceuticals and consumer health products at a dramatically lower risk, time, and cost. SinoVeda has developed a substantive business profile that includes, PPT®, a revolutionary patented, platform technology to develop new, fully patentable drugs from botanical sources; this technology provides an alternative platform to drug discovery and pharmaceutical development.

We developed 14 Natural Health Products that have been approved by Health Canada and received the NPNs. Out of which, 3 differentiated consumer health products have been launched in Canada:

  • ProFlexa®, a botanical-based topical therapy for arthritis and joint pain;
  • Hunaza®, a botanical-based topical therapy for eczema;
  • EffectiCal®, patented and clinically tested high absorption calcium supplement with improved gastrointestinal profile.



We have distribution channels established in Hong Kong and Bangladesh for some of these consumer health products and working with other export markets for marketing our products. SinoVeda has received multiple awards and recognition globally.

  • Recipient of BioAlberta’s Scientific Achievement and Innovation Award in 2011
  • One of seven Canadian Companies with disruptive technologies (Canadian Consulate: Impact Now, 2017)
  • Bioaster Microbiological Technology Institute (Founded by Pasteur Institute and Lyonbiopole) identified PPT as a disruptive technology (2015) for drug development. A collaborative project is underway.

SinoVeda is pleased to be a new member of NanoCanada. Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman recently attended a NanoCanada mission in Korea and found it very useful in terms of generating new contacts and leads and is happy to report that we are in conversation with one company that is currently reviewing our product portfolio for a potential distribution opportunity in the very near future.