Stonger … Greener Concrete

After water, concrete is the most widely used material on the planet! In light of this, improving the performance of concrete while reducing the ecological footprint related to its production becomes an important issue.

Rising to this challenge, Professor Arezki Tagnit-Hamou of the University of Sherbrooke developed a major innovation for the production of high-performance concrete. His solution: replacing silica fume, a relatively inaccessible material, with glass powder obtained from recycling waste and abundantly available locally.

The innovative process involves the conversion of recycled glass into a fine powder. In addition to being a more ecological alternative, the powder’s nanometric dimensions enhance the properties of concrete. In fact, the nanospheres contained in the glass powder serve to densify the concrete and further increase its strength.

The product of recycled waste, this cementitious material delivers peerless performance, and has a promising future when you consider that, worldwide, more than 4 billion cubic metres of concrete are produced every year.

Recycling our own waste to produce a greener cementitious material delivering outstanding strength certainly benefits concrete producers … and our planet.