The World’s Most Effective Geothermal Pipe

A geothermal system is designed to recover heat in the soil and use it to heat buildings. The heat from the soil is transferred to the liquid, which circulates in a pipe buried in the ground. The more efficient the transfer of heat between the soil and the pipe, the better the system performs.

The integration of nanoparticles in a plastic pipe has made it possible to improve heat exchange from a geothermal system, making it the most efficient product of its kind on the market.

Versaprofiles is a major North American manufacturer of thermoplastic pipes and tubing. It is recognized for its leadership and innovations in the field of heat exchangers.

The use of nanoparticles in the production of polyethylene pipes for geothermal applications makes it possible to achieve higher heat conductivity. This results in a system of superior efficiency at every level: substantial savings thanks to shorter heat exchangers and lower heating bills.

For Versaprofiles and its clients, this patent-pending recipe spells peerless performance and lower costs for an efficient, environmentally friendly energy system.