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NanoCanada Member: University of Ottawa


The University of Ottawa is among the top 10 research universities in Canada. Thanks to leading-edge infrastructure and world-renowned researchers, it attracts close to $300 million in research funding each year. Its focal areas of research include health, e-society, Canada and the world, and molecular and environmental sciences.


The Faculty of Science of the University of Ottawa, in partnership with NanoCanada, convened high tech companies to the University of Ottawa’s Kanata office for an event entitled The Next Big Wave – 2D materials, Nano and Quantum Technologies. It was a fantastic opportunity to introduce current research in quantum technologies to Ottawa’s high-tech community. Ebrahim Karimi, Adina Luican-Mayer, Albert Stolow and Vincent Tabard-Cossa gave very brief introductions to their research and showed how it fits in the next big wave. There were many questions and suggestions for future collaborations!


The format of a lunchtime event was particularly suited to busy high-tech companies. As a member of NanoCanada, the university found a win-win opportunity to engage the community in its new Kanata office!


Thanks to being NanoCanada members, the University of Ottawa also has the opportunity to participate in international events and tradeshows, attract international students, and regularly meet with incoming delegations from across the globe.


Biodegradable materials and smart sensors for efficient crops and safer food products.


Materials and sensors for lighter, energy efficient and/or automated vehicles.

Health & Life Sciences

Materials for new vaccines, monitoring, therapeutic and diagnostic tools.


Materials, sensors and coatings for lighter aircraft and efficient engines.

Defence and Security

Materials and devices for protective clothing, efficient transport, and secure communications.

Information & Communication Technologies

Materials and devices for fast everyday communication and future computing needs.

Environment & Clean Tech

Membrane, smart coatings, and photovoltaic technologies for clean water and lower energy consumption.

Consumer Products

Materials for cosmetics, wound care, and smart sports clothing and gear.


Nanotechnology and advanced materials are cross-sectoral and touch on almost every aspect of our lives. Everything from cosmetics to climate change solutions, precision agriculture to exploring life on Mars.






Sectors Impacted by Nanotechnology

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