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Brilliant Matters brings to the printed electronics market innovative and eco-friendly production methods providing high-performance materials at a competitive price.


Last year, NanoCanada provided us with a booth space under the Canadian delegation in two tradeshows, Nano Korea (Seoul, South Korea) and Nanotech Japan (Tokyo, Japan). These two markets are prominent for their innovation in the field of printed electronics, therefore we were eager to present some of our technologies at these shows. Over the course of these events, I had a full schedule planned with qualified leads with the help of dedicated trade commissioners and provincial office staff. This interest translated in numerous signatures of non-disclosure agreements. As a result we are now doing business with a major Japanese distributor, a local team of business development in Korea expert in this market, and we are on the verge of closing strategic deals. We are on the road to success in these markets, and none of this would have been possible without NanoCanada for a start-up company of our size.

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Biodegradable materials and smart sensors for efficient crops and safer food products.


Materials and sensors for lighter, energy efficient and/or automated vehicles.

Health & Life Sciences

Materials for new vaccines, monitoring, therapeutic and diagnostic tools.


Materials, sensors and coatings for lighter aircraft and efficient engines.

Defence and Security

Materials and devices for protective clothing, efficient transport, and secure communications.

Information & Communication Technologies

Materials and devices for fast everyday communication and future computing needs.

Environment & Clean Tech

Membrane, smart coatings, and photovoltaic technologies for clean water and lower energy consumption.

Consumer Products

Materials for cosmetics, wound care, and smart sports clothing and gear.


Nanotechnology and advanced materials are cross-sectoral and touch on almost every aspect of our lives. Everything from cosmetics to climate change solutions, precision agriculture to exploring life on Mars.






Sectors Impacted by Nanotechnology

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