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NanoCanada Member: SONA NANOTECH


Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sona Nanotech Inc. is an innovative life science company that produces gold nanorods for diagnostic tests and medical applications. Its nanorods are unique because they are manufactured without a toxic chemical – CTAB – which means they can be used inside the human body for procedures such as targeted drug delivery and treatment for certain types of cancer.


Sona Nanotech has established a series of successful collaborative partnerships with businesses and universities across the world to bring new cutting edge products to market, particularly in the area of lateral flow diagnostics. These include rapid point of care tests for infectious diseases and foodborne pathogens.


Sona’s gold nanorods are disrupting the lateral flow market, offering an improvement on gold and other nanoparticle products already available and exhibiting characteristics including increased sensitivity, varied colour results, tunable aspect ratios, long-term stability, facile bioconjugation and improved shelf life.


In 2018 Sona had a remarkable year; it received $500,000 in funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) to help it commercialize its products and services, merged with Stockport Exploration, listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, raising C$2M in a private placement, and moved its laboratory operations to the Innovacorp Centre in Dartmouth.


Sona’s achievements were recently recognised by Startup Canada when it was announced as the Innovation Award winner for the Atlantic Canada region. The company will now compete against the most innovative companies in Canada for the national Innovation Award, to be announced in October.


Biodegradable materials and smart sensors for efficient crops and safer food products.


Materials and sensors for lighter, energy efficient and/or automated vehicles.

Health & Life Sciences

Materials for new vaccines, monitoring, therapeutic and diagnostic tools.


Materials, sensors and coatings for lighter aircraft and efficient engines.

Defence and Security

Materials and devices for protective clothing, efficient transport, and secure communications.

Information & Communication Technologies

Materials and devices for fast everyday communication and future computing needs.

Environment & Clean Tech

Membrane, smart coatings, and photovoltaic technologies for clean water and lower energy consumption.

Consumer Products

Materials for cosmetics, wound care, and smart sports clothing and gear.


Nanotechnology and advanced materials are cross-sectoral and touch on almost every aspect of our lives. Everything from cosmetics to climate change solutions, precision agriculture to exploring life on Mars.






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